Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Surprises

I should have known, when the usual sweet, grainy smell didn't greet me as I opened the lid. But I filled the bucket with several scoops of mash before I began investigating the rather unpleasant smell, which was getting harder to ignore. As I lifted the edge of the bag of oyster shell, two eyes greeted me, which elicited a small cry on my part. I fed the chickens their mash, as I pondered how to handle this unexpected start of the day. I thought back to finding the lid off the barrel... was that two or three days ago? Either way, it was bound to be thirsty. So, I tipped the barrel over a ways. It feigned a nonchalant air, as they are are wont to do. I filled a bowl with water, and placed it just outside the barrel. Nothing doing, so I gingerly drug the bag until the edge was coming out of the barrel. Bingo! Famata kitty was rather surprised to see the little visitor emerge, and mosey on it's way.

I've been working on clarity this week. Looking at some areas that needed looking at. Letting go of things that no longer serve me. Choosing to show up in the seeming chaos, and just be present. Because I don't want to miss any of the little surprises that may turn up!


JLK Jewelry said...

He looks happy and well feed, a bit too cute to have those long claws and teeth.

Victoria said...

Wow...What a super-wonderful gift to appear before you...awww....he brings much magic and joy I am certain! Wishing you mnay blessings from this gentle creature and sparkling spirit messenger! ENJOY!
PS: Thanks too for your wonderful comment on feather/ plant totems!