Friday, September 24, 2010

Vegi Hugs

Did you know that today is "Hug a Vegetarian Day"? Yep, I found that out while researching something yesterday. Never found what I was looking for, but this could come in handy :o). I finally finished emptying out the camper yesterday, and today J & I start on cleaning it. I read a really nice blog post on J's workplace here. The photo is a peek at some of the vintage goodness I've been listing in my shop. Wishing you a lovely Friday! I'm off to go get supplies for some minor repairs on the camper. Don't forget to hug your favorite vegetarians today!


JLK Jewelry said...

I've got a bunch of hugging to do! Here's yours since I won't be seeing you on Offical Hug Day!

Good luck on the camper!

Unknown said...

Hi Laurie!! Thank you for reading my blog... and I really appreciate you linking it from yours...

I just loved the energy on Lorax Ln... made my heart full :) (something that I have yet to figure out how to fully put into words)

Happy Hug a Vegetarian Day!!!

{{Hugs}} to you!!!