Monday, July 28, 2014

Finding My Way

Blueberry season has arrived.  During the month long drought, they began looking quite shriveled, but most have recovered with the recent rains. You can still see some shriveling if you look closely at the photo.  I had doubts that we would get any at all, the way they were looking, so am happy for each one I pick.  I hope to be putting up some blueberry jam in the coming days.

Apples are also coming along nicely.  Our earliest apple, a Yellow Transparent, gave us 3 apples this year.  It's somewhat shaded, between the New Earth shop and their heater, so anything we can get off it is good.  Other apples look to be doing well.  For whatever reason, they all seem much less bug-ridden than most years.  We don't use pesticides here, and it's a rare year that we manage to apply horticultural oil during the small window of opportunity.  Though it's doubtful any will be very large, we'll take perfect, little apples any day.

The frogs at the pond serenade us nightly.  I've been surprised by how many frogs it actually supports.  When we walk the perimeter, there are countless splashes as they jump in.  The dragonflies put on a show for us, when we sit for a spell in the evenings.

nest of a tufted titmouse
I greatly appreciate all your kind words and support, in response to my last post.  I am slowly beginning to find my way again.

Over the past few months, my Mom's partner, Frank, and I had many hours to talk.  One of the stories he told me prompted me to title that last post Wild Blue Yonder.  One of my Mom's earliest jobs was at Mitchel Air Force Base Hospital on Long Island.  He told me of how she & he would find each other through the house, each singing a line from Wild Blue Yonder, as they went.  Love that.  And lest you think she got the worst of the face masks with that pig nose, she really had a "thing" for pigs for a while there.  Be well friends, and enjoy these summer days.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Wild Blue Yonder

My Mom, my friend, left this world yesterday.  This photo of her was taken on a cruise in 2012.  She and her partner, Frank, packed a lot of adventures into 11 years.  They gallivanted all over this country, and a number of others too.  She had always wanted to travel, and I'm so glad she was able to do that.

I'll miss so many things... her humor, the way she woke us on our birthdays (with a kazoo!), her cooking... She was one of two souls in my life that, like me, was prone to burst out in song when something reminded her of one.  I guess I'll have to sing for the both of us now, though I have no doubt she'll be singing along.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


These are sweet and precious days for my family.  Hold your loved ones close, friends.

yellow finch outside my Mom's window