Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Exuberance and Joy

Today is a delightfully rainy one here. Two nights ago, we had our first rain in many weeks, and it's as though everything is breathing a sigh of relief. After finishing up my work at Hospice yesterday, everywhere I went, the air was filled with birdsong of such exuberance and joy. It's as if they held all that energy in during the long dry spell, and were releasing all that lovely song at once. It was truly a delight to be serenaded in such a way, and brought joy to my day. Wishing you much joy this day!


cookingwithgas said...

Hi Laurie- nice rain here as well.
I hope to see you Friday night?

Unknown said...

i am in is 2 blocks closer to jay walk....I just can not do it because I know they ticket people for that. No rain here, the beach is beautiful, but I love NC more.