Monday, September 13, 2010


A touch of fall has been in the air the past few days, and it has been lovely. I've been asking for clarity recently, and it wasn't lost on me that in the same day, I came across many hearts-a-bustin with fruit bursting forth, and a chrysalis. Hmmm, am I being reminded that sometimes, our hearts must break open before we can move into the new life waiting for us? I am paying attention to the signs and synchronicities, moving step by slow step in the direction I'm being led. Have you had any obvious signs or synchronicities in your life you're willing to share?


cookingwithgas said...

hey girl- what's going on?
time for tea and some talk?

Victoria said...

Beautiful post! gorgeous photo and beautiful words! yes..all the time..i open myself to the voice of spirit and nature everyday! I create in that space and it guides me always! Thanks for sharing your magic..i so enjoy it Kindred!!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes, yes and a million times yes, i believe.

signs all around. and moments perfectly matched up.

Carolyn said...

sigh...usually I'm tripping over them. But for some reason, right now...when I need some clarity and direction more than ever before...I'm coming up empty. Which, in itself, is probably a sign :)