Monday, May 27, 2024

Deals, Harvests & Recipes

Hello, friends.  Last week, I met an old co-worker for lunch.  While in that town, I stopped at the discount store, and picked up three bags of items for $12.  Favorite finds were organic peanut butter 36 0z/$1.49, and this solar light $1.49, which I thought would be great to carry in the skoolie, for nights outside.  I charged it, and it works great.  I weed-whacked under the mulberry, and placed tarps bought at Dollar Tree underneath, for cleaner berries.  I've seen others do this with persimmons, and have been wanting to try it with these.  The birds and McNibs are beating me to many of them, but I'm getting a good handful a day.  I tried them in a salad one night, but you really couldn't tell they were there, so I'm pondering other uses besides freezing them, and fruit salads.  I may make a syrup with them, and put a splash in water, for summer drinking.  They're one of my favorite tasting berries.  A turkey and two poults flew off, after we surprised them on our walking path one evening.  I'm always happy to know they're around.  

This photo is of the pond garden.  You can see some of  the fence extensions we put up, and "flags" to alert the deer and birds they were there.  There are potatoes straight ahead, garlic and onions to their left, sweet potatoes, melons and winter squash to the right.  We try to put things that don't need daily attention in this garden, as it's farther from the house.  Batches of hummingbird food and cashew parmesan were made.  J turned the outdoor shower on for the season. I took photos, and added this procedure to my home systems book.  Shortly after the shower became operational, both pups got their first "bath" of the year, using homemade dog soap.  I gathered flowers for a bouquet.  The first chanterelle was harvested, thanks to J's good eye while mowing.  I've been seeing tiny ones, but none large enough to harvest, until this one.  I harvested peas, asparagus, lettuce, onions, mulberries, mache, basil, oregano, arugula, broccoli, a sprig of lambs quarter, and dandelion greens and catbrier tips for the pups.

Over the weekend, I made two kinds of potato salad and cabbage slaw for our dinner.  Summer salads have been somewhat of a challenge for me, since I can't have mayo or vinegar now, but I'm happy with both recipes I tried (here's the potato salad).  I made J the same salads I used to make us.  We were both happy.  Which reminds me, Daisy of Maple Hill 101 asked for the GF pizza crust recipe I use last week.  It's my favorite of the ones I've tried.  It's the Minimalist Baker's recipe here.  We've got tiny squash and cucumbers, so it shouldn't be much longer before we'll be harvesting them.  All the summer/winter clothes were switched around in my closet, to see and reach them more easily.  Baskets of nettles and oregano were harvested for drying.  When I went to help J with something, under the carport, I saw a dove fly off a nest, which had two eggs in it.  It put the eeks on some of what he planned on doing, but at least there's never a shortage of other things to do around here.  Wishing you and yours a lovely Memorial Day.  


daisy g said...

Wow, you are harvesting so much goodness! I was able to pick a bouquet for the house this weekend. Such a treat.

Thank you for the pizza crust recipe. I believe I'll give it a go. Dana's website is full of so many good recipes. Is the reason you can't have mayo because of the corn-based vinegar? If so, I have a mayo recipe that I make with ACV instead. Our boy can't have corn or corn-based products.

Hope you got some of the rain last night. It looks like clear skies for the rest of the week. Enjoy!

Laurie said...

I hope you like the pizza crust. Though not the same in texture, I love the taste. The mayo is about the eggs and the vinegar, though I can often sub lemon juice for that. Yep, corn is on my "no" list as well, except for an organic ear or two a year. We did get close to an inch of rain last night. Hope you have a great week!

April said...

I just finished writing a post about how far behind my gardens are (because of the folks, not the plants), so I am smiling to see YOUR harvest! And yes, I know you are farther south, your gardens come on earlier--all the same, a joy to see!

Laurie said...

We're getting a nice harvest, but boy, we're definitely not keeping up with the weeds well this year. I hope you have a bountiful harvest!

Staci @Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Everyone has commented on your bounty of a harvest and I will too! Especially because ours is limited right now so it sounds exciting when you are harvesting more than a couple of things. Good for you!

That's a bummer about the vinegar and mayo. I tried a recipe last week for an aquafaba-based mayo but it didn't work. It might work as a sandwich spread or something but when I added it as the dressing for potato salad it just got absorbed by the potatoes.

Good idea with the mulberries. That's too funny that McNibs enjoys them as much as the birds. And hooray for the outdoor shower. A great signal that summer is approaching.

Have a wonderful week!

Laurie said...

The vinegar is one of the easier things, as I can sub lemon juice in most things. But mayo is a bit harder, for sure. I've seen several recipes that use a cashew-based mixture, like the potato salad uses. Good to know about your aquafaba experience. That silly McNibs will eat almost anything. He's gotten where he likes to eat the celery end when I'm juicing. Never thought a dog would like that!

Jeannie said...

You are getting great harvests already. I haven't even started my winter squash yet. Last year I got tired of eating it and haven't been in a rush to plant any. Guess I better get busy.


Laurie said...

I understand. Squash of any sort has never been a favorite vegetable, but over the years, I've found recipes that have enough other flavors to taste good. My current favorite winter squash recipe is a curried butternut squash lentil soup.