Monday, September 30, 2019

Time at the Coast & Frugal Accomplishments

Hello, friends.  We left for a few days at the coast on Sunday.  It's our favorite place to stay, and we'd had to cancel the past two years, due to hurricanes, so we were very happy to be able to go this year.  There's a kitchenette, and we brought food from home.  All breakfasts, two dinners, and all but one lunch were eaten in our room.  We usually go to one nearby restaurant the night we arrive, but learned they have a BOGO entree a couple of nights later, so I cooked the first night, and we went there on the BOGO night.  I had requested Where The Crawdads Sing from the library, and read it while on vacation., as well as some favorite magazines I brought from home.

We visited several thrift shops while there.  J found several pairs of work pants, a fleece vest, 2 books, and a wool suit.  I found 3 canisters, which I'll turn into compost crocks for my shop, 2 fleece vests, a floral painting, and a nicer frame to use with the painting.  I saw that This Is Us was on NBC one night.  It's the one time we turned the TV on.  I skipped a few episodes watching this one, but they go back and forth in time so much, I don't think it much mattered.  We bought water and just a few groceries while there.  On the way there and back home, a 4 hr drive, we ate snacks I brought, except for a stop for frozen custard on the way home.  Some years ago, I was introduced to frozen custard, and consider it a real treat when I can have some.  We just got the custard, without any toppings, as that's what we like, so inexpensive enough.  It's not in my recommended diet, but I feel a treat now and then is acceptable.

At an antiques shop, I found a glass refrigerator dish for $10.  There were others more expensive in red and other collectible traits, but this one will work just as well.  I've almost totally replaced plastic with glass ones, and only use the plastic ones if there's no other choice.  We always look for driftwood sticks, and bring a couple home for the pups.  There were leftovers from dinners several nights, which were eaten for lunches, and one was brought home for dinner.  The night we got home, I fixed pasta with our tomatoes, garlic and herbs, and thought it was better than anything I'd had on vacation.  I don't want to cook every night of vacation, though, so I guess that's the trade off.  We got home, and unpacked everything, then I picked the gardens.  All that's left to do is the laundry.  While at the coast, I had a message asking me to work two days at one of the galleries, so it was straight back to work.  I enjoy being there, and appreciate the money, so the laundry can wait.  I brought some of the pasta leftovers for lunch at work the next day.

On Sunday, I picked a good amount of both dried and fresh lima beans, to shell at work on Monday.  I've done this before when I shop sit, and folks are often curious about what I'm doing.  It seems a good use of my time there.  I'm still seeing one or two hummingbirds at the feeder, so another batch of food was made.  We ran into town, and took advantage of 20% off the entire purchase at Big Lots, and a birthday coupon of $10 off $50 at Tractor Supply, stocking up on chicken feed and sunflower seeds for the birds.  I made bruschetta for the first time for dinner, with our tomatoes, basil and garlic, which we enjoyed.  I'll be taking some, along with other leftovers for lunch on Monday.  Though we've been in the 90's today, and have some even hotter temps forecast in the week ahead, I hope typical fall weather will soon be here.  Wishing you a most lovely week.


daisy g said...

Sounds like a great place to be. A true vacation. I would love to get away like that sometime.

Your garden is still gifting you with goodies. How wonderful.

I'm ready for this heat to skedaddle! We are supposed to be getting a break this coming weekend, with temps in the 70's. Hope it happens.

Enjoy your week!

Laurie said...

We had a wonderful pet sitter, which makes it possible to get away. Yes to temps in the 70's!

Jeannie said...

I heard a hummer fly past my head two days ago but we haven't seen any since. The latest I have ever seen them here is on October 19th. I leave my feeders up until then just in case there is a slow straggler. I am in lower middle Tennessee, 50 miles south of Nashville. How late do you leave your feeders up?