Monday, September 23, 2019

A Morning's Harvest & Frugal Accomplishments

morning harvest
Hello, friends.  The figs and pawpaws are dwindling, but I've been enjoying them several times a week in fruit salads.  I made an eggplant crumble, zucchini tots, and a pear blue cheese salad with our fruits and veggies.  Leftover eggplant went with chard and asian cukes another night.  It looks like they may be the last of the cucumbers, unless we get some rain.  The drought and hotter than usual temps are really taking a toll on things, despite watering as best we can.  Several jars of tomatoes and tomato juice were canned.  One of the jars didn't seal, so it went into the fridge, and we'll use it for pasta soon.  I applied Armor All to the trim of my car.  Many of the birthday flowers were still going strong early in the week.

I redeemed swagbucks for a $25 amazon GC, and made my daily goal several days.  It's working out just fine without running videos on their site.  Laundry was hung on the line several days.  While harvesting the garden, I've been seeing tree frogs and anole lizards among the leaves.  I've not had my camera, but they make me smile, keeping me company while I work.  The friends we introduced to pawpaws recently loved them so much, they're planning on planting a grove of them.  It's nice spreading appreciation for our native plants.  I made smoothies with homemade yogurt, and used 1/2 c of strawberry puree, along with a mix of raspberries and mulberries, both of which I found in the freezer when J did the repair.  I mended my massage chair cover.  The pups got a bath with homemade dog soap.

I ground up all the dried tomato skins and bits to make tomato powder.   The chicken coop was cleaned, and I put fresh mint and catnip in the nest boxes and on the floor.  The scent doesn't last long, but it helps a little while.  Plus herbs can help support their health and repel unwanted critters.  There were still hummingbirds at the feeders last week, so I made a small batch of food for them. I harvested the first of the fall kale, and will use it for kale salad.  With the drought, we've emptied our two large water tanks, and are now using our small reserve tank.  If that empties, it's back on well water, which neither of us wants to do.  There is no rain in the extended forecast, but we really hope that changes.  We've got a little adventure away planned, so that will cut down on the water used, and extend it a bit.  Wishing you a week of adventures, large or small!


daisy g said...

This stretch of drought has been awful, but it does make me appreciate our rain barrels all the more.

Congrats on harvesting kale! I haven't even got mine started yet. I keep waiting for the heat to die back, but so far, we are still in the throes of summer-like temps.
The snap peas will go in this week though!

Hope you have a productive week!

Laurie said...

Wishing you much success with your fall garden!

Michèle Hastings said...

We do so desperately need rain. I am looking forward to cooler weather but that, along with rain, doesn't appear to be happening soon. Despite the drought, it looks like your garden has done quite well.

Laurie said...

We sure do. Hoping we get some before our rain water runs out.

cookingwithgas said...

I saw frogs on my morning walk, I think last night's rain made them HOPPY!

Laurie said...

So glad for the rain!!