Monday, March 19, 2018

Almost Spring & Frugal Accomplishments

Hello, friends.  Though my trip to Knoxville was not what you'd call a frugal one overall, it did have its moments.  Our hotel included delicious breakfasts, baked goods in the evenings, and bowls of apples available for the taking.  Most shopping done was at thrift stores and discount groceries.  I did buy a small gift for J at a retail shop, and bought myself a shirt marked down 60% at another store.  My friend drove her Prius, which got upper 50's mpg for the trip.  My favorite finds at the discount grocery were a #10 can of sliced black olives for $1.98, which I plan to recan in 1/2 pint jars, and a 5# jar of queen olives for $3.

Leftovers from the trip were enjoyed for another two meals.  I made pasta sauce with our tomatoes, summer squash and herbs.  Having an abundance of eggs, I shared a dozen with a niece, and made a custard pie to bring for dinner.  Joseph and I had our first date on St. Patrick's Day, so we usually do something to celebrate.  This year, for a couple of reasons, we decided to stay home.  I pulled the last of the cabbages in the garden, and made colcannon, and made a loaf of Irish soda bread to go with it, using our egg, and homemade yogurt to make the "buttermilk".  I recently saw a chart of hummingbird arrival in various locations.  The coming week is when they officially arrive here, so I made a batch of food and hung the feeder.  I usually equate their arrival with Easter, but know I've seen them sooner some years.

The peas in the garden are finally germinating, but there are no sign of the potatoes or garlic yet.  I took advantage of a mostly sunny day to harvest violets.  I've eaten an occasional flower in the past, but recently learned how wonderfully medicinal the flowers and leaves are, so harvested some of both.  Then I weeded the mostly mock strawberry from around the plants, to encourage the violets to spread.  I made yogurt, boiled eggs for the pups, and enjoyed an egg sandwich one morning.  Laundry was done with homemade soap, and hung on the line.  After going through various paperwork,  much of it was shredded.

My wintersown phacelia seeds are the first ones up.  I transplanted the lettuce and kale seedlings into the garden, in an area I can cover if needed.  They're spindly, but perhaps they'll grow stronger outside.  We enjoyed hummus made from pantry items for lunch on Sunday.  It's a blessing that orders continue to come in to our little home goods shop.  If not quite there, we've got to be close to having enough to pay for our beach trip this summer.  I set aside our earnings especially for our vacation fund, and plan to crunch the numbers this week.  I noticed two lizards out and about on my wanderings today, and the first mockingbird song of the year, which made me smile.  Wishing you a week that brings you smiles.

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