Monday, September 4, 2017

September Blooms & Frugal Accomplishments

abuzz with pollinators
Hello friends.  My heart has been with all the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  May they find comfort and hope in the coming days.   For last week's frugal accomplishments, my Mom's zucchini soup was made with our squash, tomatoes, basil, onions and garlic.  I made vegi sloppy joe's (some from the discount grocery .50) one night,  with our okra as a side, and a salad which used used our tomato and cucumber.  Another night, I made a very frugal dinner of Polish  cabbage, shared by Jane.  She decided to stop blogging, but I keep hoping she'll begin again.  I crushed a large pan of egg shells, and added them to the compost bin.  Laundry was done with homemade soap, and hung on the line.  I redeemed a $15 amazon gift card with swagbucks points.

I've decided to try going gray again.  I was mostly gray from my mid 30's to mid 40's, though I expect it's about 100% now.  J says he doesn't care, so I colored with a lighter brown this week.  It's a little odd looking. and may be even odder when I try blonde next go round.  I thought it might work as the ends fade some, but I may have to cut a bit off before all is said and done.  Fun adventures with hair!  The days and nights have been cooling off, so a/c has been turned off more often, and windows open as much as possible.  I continue to pick okra, and freeze several meals worth weekly.  Chard, lettuce, and arugula seeds were replanted for the fall garden.  Swagbucks had not credited me for a gift purchase I made through them in July.  After going back and forth with them, I received the credit.  I made my initial swagbucks goal daily, and my secondary goal several days.

We have another broody hen.  I was thinking it was getting a little late, but J wanted to try again, so I put her in the broody area on 10 eggs.  I learned something this week.  I'd always thought once an egg got cool, it was no longer viable to hatch.  Well, come to find out you can keep eggs a couple of weeks before trying to incubate them.  Who knew?!  So, I saved up eggs for 3 days until I had 10.   Maybe the third time will be the charm in this case.  I'd been waiting for cooler temps and rain, and getting it, finally trimmed the lemon and avocado trees I started from seed.  They'll be easier to fit in the house over winter, and I hope they'll put out some side branches.  I don't expect to ever get avocados, but lemons would be lovely some day.

For dinner, a batch of Pasta Norma was made with our herbs and vegi's.  I planted more seeds for beets, hollyhocks, bachelor buttons, rumex, and black eyed susan.  Another 6 pints of tomato juice were canned.  When inspecting the jars for canning, I found one with a chip on the rim, so I tied a piece of twine on it to alert me to use it for dry goods, a vase, etc., anything besides canning.  I got an order for soap from one of the B&B's.  J's business partner offered to drop it off for me, as he lives 10 minutes from the B&B.  Though he said he wouldn't take anything, I put one of the new bars of soap in with the others for him.  This will save me an hour and a half round trip driving, and I usually "thrift my way home", so that money in addition to gas money will be saved.  Now that the new soap is ready, I've got to decide on a name, so I can get them wrapped and offered  in the shop.

This weekend, as part of my birthday celebration, J took me wherever I wanted to go on Saturday.  We went to a local shop I'd been wanting to check out, a farmer's market, botanical garden, bakery (for a small snack in lieu of lunch), thrift shops and a crepe place for late lunch/dinner.  Other than the gas, it was a pretty inexpensive day.  I found very little I needed, though I did buy a couple of chive plants for $1 ea (mine succumbed to the drought), and 2 black-eyed susans and a homestead verbena, each at 40% off.  I found two white shirts for dyeing and a ravioli maker at the thrift shops.  J, however, found two nice wool suit jackets, a couple pairs of cargo shorts, and six pairs of work pants, including a pair that are fireproof (helpful with welding, plasma cutting & such) and two pairs with tags still on.  We had a most enjoyable day together. On Sunday, my siblings and I met for dinner, which is always a fun time.

Wonderful rain arrived, almost 3/4".  Enough was collected that we'll be able to switch from the well water back to rain water, and hopefully, it will last us until the next rain.  Two very lovely bags of organic, shade grown coffee beans arrived from our new friend at the Smithsonian, as thanks for the pawpaws we shared with him.    We're very much enjoying the Ethiopian beans currently.  Wishing a lovely Labor Day holiday to my friends in the U.S.!

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Michèle Hastings said...

I have been battling with hair for a few years now. I used to have it colored professionally when in NH, but when I moved here I decided to stop. It took forever to get rid of the color and then I hated my hair color! It was not a pretty gray... just a mousy brown/gray. So I went back to coloring it myself. I wish I had a nice white/gray head of hair!
The cool weather and open windows has felt so good! A smaller electric bill will feel good too.