Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Elf in my Driveway

Several months ago, the city of Raleigh delivered a trailer to the guys, for them to turn into a mobile biodiesel unit.  I had to smile when I arrived home and found this.  The view at my kitchen sink looks out in this direction, and what better to look at than an elf, flowers and a magic tree.  There are a lot of different tractor trailers out there, but few as charming as this one.
folks preparing to tour the trailer

They worked hard through some mighty long, hot summer days, and delivered the finished trailer to Raleigh last week, where an unveiling was held. There were speeches, and a Dept. of Agriculture official in attendance.  The unit is pretty impressive, using sunflowers from fields fertilized by the water treatment plant, crushing, cleaning and pressing those seeds, and turning the oil into biofuels to run some of the cities' fleet.

The elf was eventually covered up, but it's still a nicer than average trailer.  There are photos of the job as it progressed, if you'd care to follow the "finished trailer" link above.  That's Joseph and Rick, and David Thornton, who helped with the initial concept.  I'm proud of all they do to make this beautiful planet just a little bit nicer.


Michèle Hastings said...

Wow! What a project.

Laurie said...

Indeed, Michele! It was something to see it all coming together.