Monday, November 30, 2015

Garlic Planting Time & Frugal Accomplishments

I hope everyone in the U.S had a nice Thanksgiving.  I'm happy to be joining in with Brandy's Frugal Accomplishments today.  Last week, I planted two celery ends in the hoop house.  Prepared tomato rice loaf with our tomatoes, garlic, and homemade bread crumbs.  Made pasta and broccoli with our garlic.  Made a large batch of laundry soap.  Washed laundry with homemade laundry soap and hung it on the line.  Picked chard and greens for the chickens.  Harvested carrots, and grated broccoli stems and carrots for the pups.  Recently, it's not uncommon to get 7 eggs in a day, so I've been boiling lots of eggs, and we and the dogs share them.  Some eggs are shared with friends as well.

I brought our homegrown sweet potatoes to my family's Thanksgiving, along with a fresh cranberry relish.  Took advantage of a few online Black Friday sales- 30% off a book on Amazon, discounted fabric and shipping at Joann's, & 30% off men's clothing on Amazon.  I went through Swagbucks  and ebates when they gave points, and went through The Prudent Homemaker's website, when it was a category that didn't give points, as I believe those type links get a credit regardless of category. If that's is  incorrect, please share.  After delivering soap to a client on Black Friday, I stopped by a couple of thrift stores, for their 50% off sales - one store had everything at 50% off, the other had all clothing at 50% off and housewares at .10.   My favorite find was a large floral rug at 50% off.

the seasonal creek

After we ate Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday, I still had a bit of sweet potatoes and cranberry relish.  On Saturday, I turned those into muffins, using our eggs.  Made colcannon using our potatoes.  I've been reading about the benefits of bone broth.  As I'm a longtime vegetarian, I asked my sister if I could have the two drumstick bones to make bone broth for the pups.  Though I followed directions, my first try boiled dry in the slow cooker, so I tried again, on low this time, and they were very happy pups.  I'm adding a few spoonfuls of broth to their dinners each night.

J and I planted our garlic.  With rain in the forecast, it seemed like a good time.  I harvested the dried pods of okra for seed.  Made progress on my new item for next week's show,  I've got 6 finished, with high hopes to finish more this week.  I'm pleased with how they're turning out, and need to take a photo to share here.  Made a frittata using our eggs and potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts with our garlic.  Made yogurt.  How was your week?


April said...

I know I always say this, but it is always true, so I will say it again: I love visiting your blog because it is so peaceful. I love the photos; you have a very good eye. And I enjoy the writing--you the writer leading us the readers through your days and all you put your hand to!

Laurie said...

April, I so appreciate your kind comments. I've never thought I was a very good writer, so thanks for that. And thank you for taking the time to visit here, and to comment, with all that you're dealing with. You are always a ray of sunshine.