Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Love on a Good Friday

These are some views from around the homestead.  We've been eating well from the garden this week, enjoying salads, chard and asparagus.  There has been some rain, almost half an inch last night, with more to come. The pond needs lots more rain to fill it, and is still pretty homely, but we're hopeful it will be looking pretty after some good spring rains. 

 J has been hard at work in our little vineyard. Two years ago, he planted Chambourcin and Corot Noir grapes, 5 in all. Last year, he bought a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cayuga and Chambourcin.  They've been heeled in, allowing them to grow a bit in a protected space, and now are ready to be planted out.  The vineyard is just off to the right when we look out our front door, with the pond just to the left.  We're hoping there will be some nice views before too long, between the two.  The Corot Noir grapes we ate fresh last year were the best grapes I have ever tasted.  The Cayuga are also said to be good fresh.  So, we've got that, should our winemaking skills be less than stellar. 

 There is so much to do, outside and in, it's been hard to spend much time on the computer. 
The pups are doing well.  They visited Dr. Perrin Heartway, a caring holistic vet in the area, and were pronounced healthy boys. 
 Wishing you the nicest of Good Fridays!

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