Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poppy Love

Last night, I received the questionnaires I had left at STARworks with samples of my first batch of beer soap. The feedback was thoughtful and helpful, by far the best information I've ever received on my soap. Those folks are awesome!

I was surprised to find this poppy last week, a few days before it bloomed. It was in the bed in front of the trailer I lived in while building the house. I don't remember when I planted the seeds, and in fact, think I may have pulled up a plant or two before, as I'd never had luck with poppies before (or so I thought), and didn't know what the leaves looked like. Oops! I'm loving the color. Seeing those leaves, I think I've got a bunch of them coming up that I planted over the winter. These would be red ones. I think poppies are such cheerful things, and look forward to seeing their happy faces.

1 comment:

cookingwithgas said...

how sweet is that!
Love the color- it looks like paper.