Monday, September 13, 2021

A Road Trip for J & A Dwindling Garden

Hello, friends.  Last week, J noticed I'll soon need new tires, and definitely will before my January inspection.  We'd heard tires may get difficult to come by, so he found a good sale, and we went ahead and purchased them.  I gathered potatoes from our outdoor potato stash, and all I could see were looking good.  I'm sure happy about that.   From the garden, I harvested tomatoes, yellow squash, yard long beans, figs, pawpaws, eggplant, a tromboncino, and a small butternut squash, which I believe is the last one.  I also harvested what I believe are the last of the hazelnuts.  The garden is definitely dwindling.

I took advantage of a 25% off sale, and stocked up on toothpaste and hand lotion, and got 3% back through Swagbucks.  One afternoon, I mended a sweater, pillowcase, and pair of shorts.  I cut two favorite pairs of cotton batik scrub pants that I'd worn the knees out of into shorts, and hope to hem them soon.  I went through Swagbucks for a couple of business orders, for 2% back each.   We shared pawpaws with a neighbor who asked about them.  His wife has been ill, and she loves them.  We were glad to share.  I froze the pulp from several.  On a wet morning, I caught up on number crunching... balancing my checkbook, books for our home goods business, and for J's business.  All laundry done this week was hung on the line.  Several chanterelles were harvested and dried, and another stem of dock seed.

J took a break on Friday, and went to Charleston to see the submarine, CSS Hunley, which was used during the Civil War.  He also visited a distillery that an old coworker works at.  After picking the garden, and powder coating orders on Friday, I headed to town for groceries and errands.  There were no great sales at the grocery store, but I stopped at Marshall's, and got two jars of raw honey, and found packs of organic spirulina, which I use in my smoothies, in the clearance area for $5.  They came to $1/lb, much less than the $3.41/lb plus shipping I've been paying, so that was a happy find.  I also found dried white mulberries marked down to $2.50, which are in a recipe I plan to try from Medical Medium.  That evening, I gave myself a little self care, including a manicure and a facial mask.  Yellow squash, beans, a tromboncino and some figs were shared with a friend.  Wishing you a lovely week, friends.


daisy g said...

You're still harvesting a good bit from the garden. Are you putting in any fall crops?

I hope you have a great week ahead.

Laurie said...

We put in broccoli, cabbage, collards and lettuce. I still intend to try carrots, beets and chard, though it's getting late.

Michèle Hastings said...

It's always sad when Summer garden begins to dwindle. We are still getting a few cherry tomatoes and green beans.
Those were great finds at Marshalls. I really need to go more often. I am on a hunt for good, affordable, sauté pans.

Laurie said...

I usually do a quick run through the kitchen stuff there too. Not long ago, I got a ceramic saute pan there. I hope you find just what you're looking for.