Monday, October 31, 2016

Late Bloomers & Frugal Accomplishments

As we are heating with wood some days, while making batches of soap this week, I melted the oils on the top of the woodstove rather than use the gas stove.  Another batch of tiller chewed sweet potatoes were boiled for the pups, which added heat and humidity one cool morning.  While going through my summer clothes, three homesteading shirts were added to the rag bag, and another three shirts were put in a giveaway box which will go to the thrift shop when full.  If clothes aren't comfortable or I'm just not wearing them, I'm better about passing them along these days.  Wouldn't it be lovely to have only things that you love to wear?  I'm thinking that's a worthy goal.  I spoke about the moringa tree that was tossed off the porch during the winds from hurricane Matthew.  This week, I was delighted to see a new stem growing.

On a recent night, J spontaneously took us on a date night.  The meal was not frugal, but my leftovers were brought home and enjoyed for lunch one day.  Our Lowes grocery store has started a green stamp program, with the rewards being kitchen knives, shears, sharpener & cutting board.  The promotion goes through mid-February.  Buying only what was on my list, I'm already half way to one of the knives.  In reordering a supplement, I went through ebates & used a promo code to get 14% off.  I made a pasta sauce with our fresh tomatoes, herbs, onions & garlic.   I decided to cut some more parsley and add it to some I already have frozen.  It's growing nicely in this weather.  It's reasonably hardy, but won't grow once it gets very cold.   Some Christmas presents were bought online, going through ebates first for cash back.

When I was getting ready to eat a lunch of leftovers on one of these lovely plates, I remembered I hadn't shared them here.  They were a gift given recently in thanks for wood shared with a local potter for their kiln.  Aren't they perfect homestead plates?  For a dinner with friends last week, I made a dish using our tomatoes, basil & garlic, one with our green beans, garlic, thyme & onions, and another with our greens & garlic.  Though I hadn't planned it that way, there was no shortage of garlic in the meal!  We should all be protected from colds for a few days :o).  I ground wheat and used some in popovers.  Oregano was harvested for drying, and eggs were gathered.  I cut open 2 watermelons, & gave most to the chickens.  We met friends for music at a winery, & brought our own food (cheese, crackers, fruit, & roasted almonds) instead of buying food there.  I made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies for our dessert.  With the forecast of days in the 70's and 80's this week, and lows in the 50's, I expect to be enjoying all the late blooming flowers just a bit longer.  Enjoy the week, friends!  Happy Halloween!


Heated with wood on days needing heat, & used the woodstove to melt oils for soapmaking

Asked for restaurant leftovers (& remembered to take and eat them :o)

Made yogurt & kefir

Gave the birds homemade suet

Repurposed old clothes into rags

Harvested from the garden: okra, tomatoes, basil, oregano, parsley, dried limas

Used homemade laundry soap & dried on the clothesline; used homemade soap and deodorant

Composted vegi scraps, shredded paper and cardboard, washed plastic bags for reuse

Ground wheat for flour

Used our vegetables & herbs for a dinner with friends

Reused the back side of papers for scratch paper

Made Swagbucks goal each day & did free Duolingo lessons daily

Electric bill lowered by $60 this month since we stopped using A/C.  Yay!

Went through ebates to purchase Christmas gifts; requested & received combined shipping from an ebay seller, saving $7.

Made chocolate chip cookies using home ground wheat, our eggs and homemade vanilla.


Jane said...

Beautiful plates! Must be nice to know such an artistic person. Aren't Ebates wonderful? I always check if I can go through them before I purchase anything on-line. Happy Halloween!


Laurie said...

Hi Jane- I love living in our little community! There are close to 100 potteries. Many are newer, but some go back several generations. There's also a blacksmith & other creative folks here.

Unknown said...

That dinner was so good......Thanks for sharing with us.

Laurie said...

It was our pleasure, Mark. We enjoyed your visit.

Debbie said...

I would say that you had a very frugal and yet fun week! Those plates are just beautiful and I am so glad your moringa tree is sending up a new shoot. I have found that taking moringa is helping with my pain levels and had continued to reduce the swelling from my arthritis. :)

Laurie said...

Debbie, I realized yesterday that the moringa has tripled in size since I took the photo! I do hope I can keep it happy.