Monday, September 9, 2013

Festivals and Frogs, Peace and Pawpaws

I hope you've been enjoying these late summer days.  The days have been full, with soapmaking, harvesting, and preserving.  Throw in some workdays, some homestead projects, and a few custom orders, and maybe you'll forgive me for not stopping by lately.  My Mom spied the peace banner, and got it for me... love!

Black and Blue salvia


I recently saw a preview for an interesting film, Dive!.  It's not something I have a burning desire to do, and am rather squeamish about the thought of that food, but I admire the folks who are gleaning from the waste stream.  I had the idea that our society had gotten somewhat better about our enormous amount of waste, but it appears we have a long way to go.


Pawpaw season is upon us.  I could stand to expand our pawpaw repertoire, and have been looking at recipes.  They're great in smoothies and fruit salads, and the pulp freezes well.  This weekend, I saw some local pawpaws for sale for the first time ever.  They are typically not seen in the marketplace, because they don't travel well.  They bruise easily, and the bruised area can take on a bitter taste. Otherwise, they have a lovely tropical fragrance and flavor.

12 Apostles lily

While harvesting okra at dusk last night, I had a little tree frog keeping me company.  The light was too dim to get a nice picture.  I'm taking part in a large festival in a few weeks, my largest show ever.  There are 10 batches of soap curing. Today I'll be making my Sirius dog shampoo bar, and I believe that will be the last batch.  There will be lots of soap wrapping going on soon!


Mrs. Mac said...

I've never had a pawpaw but have read stories and sang songs about them as a kid. You've been busy. Would love to just smell all of the yummy homemade soap!

Laurie said...

I wish I could send you a pawpaw to try, Mrs. Mac! I'm afraid it would never make it in an edible state.

It is quite fragrant around the house right now. The dog soap alone has 6 essential oils in it... they're all the ones the pups chose :o)

cookingwithgas said...

things are the usually fall busy! I wish it would carry through winter as well.