Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shades of Blue and Purple


Due to a bit of an injury here on the homestead, our plans to spend the day with friends at the lake fell through. So, we did the next best thing, and spent time enjoying our pond.  While we sat and relaxed, we readied a large basket of purple "green" beans for canning, and shelled a small basket of mixed beans.

This is a round of beans I canned a couple of days ago.  Our wet summer has meant there's been less canning to do, which has meant more time for other things.  I've been in major soapmaking mode, filling orders and getting ready for a show in October.  As the soap cures a minimum of three weeks before wrapping, and the wrapping itself takes a good bit of time, I have to always be thinking ahead.  

There's a touch of fall in the air.  Blooming now are Black-eyed Susans and obedient plant, and beautyberries have turned purple. 

I spied an unusual looking mushroom near the woodpile today, and learned it is a Lactarius indigo.

 The color is what caught my eye, as it has a definite blue tinge to it.

We learned it is edible, but did not cook it.  Even knowing the experts deem it safe, the color just didn't seem quite right for a foodstuff.  I am enjoying all the blue and purple shades of late summer, though.



cookingwithgas said...

We have been enjoying your tasty green purple, beans. They are so good.
I have never seen a blue mushroom.

Mrs. Mac said...

Do the purple 'green' beans keep their color after canning? Just curious. We've had a moderate yield in the garden (lot's of green beans and cukes) .. tomatoes just starting to ripen.

Laurie said...

First blue mushroom for me too, M.

Mrs. Mac- sadly, they turn green when cooked.