Friday, May 4, 2012

Pride and Passionfruit

Well, the Oxford Biodiesel Plant is now officially open.  I must say, the photo they're using for the link is somewhere other than there.  The plant is in a bucolic setting, amid farmland and pastures with horses and cows.  Neal, in the center below, is a gentleman they enjoyed working with during the build.  I know many folks come here for more homestead-type news, but I'm so proud of these guys, forgive me for posting a few pics of the day.

There were several speakers, including Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack.  Well done, guys!

OK, now on to the homestead.  Several types of fruit were frozen at the end of last season, and knowing I needed to make room for the coming season spurred me on to canning them this week.  I made an elderberry/blackberry jam, an elderberry/blueberry jam, and a passionfruit/lemon/vanilla curd that made the house smell heavenly. 

Joseph & I planted seeds this week of suyo long & national pickling cucumber, tromboncino squash, early golden crookneck squash, and Georgia candy roaster squash.  Corn was also planted, though I'm not sure which variety. Something chewed off one of our tomato plants... grrr.  I'm off to begin listing some of my glass garden flowers in the shop.  Figuring out shipping is going to be the toughest thing, as they will all be different due to varying weights and sizes.  Wish me luck!

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cookingwithgas said...

tell J way to go! I hope this brings lot's of new and wonderful beginnings.