Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beans, Beer, Bees and Basil

I harvested the first basil of the season tonight.  Aaaaahhh.... is it just me, or do you also think that smell is heavenly?  It was a rainy evening, and zucchini soup seemed in order.  Actually, it was tromboncino soup.  The squash was some I froze last summer. I also defrosted a bag of grated  tromboncino, for bread within the next day or two.  There's a bag of patty pan squash I'll bake soon, and I believe that finishes up the squash in the freezer.  Luckily, we've got some squash seedlings in the ground.

Tomorrow I'll be canning beans I dried from last summer's harvest.  It's nice to have some on hand that just need heating up, once the temps start climbing.  I'll start with heirloom limas that are a deep purple color, and if I have time, I'll can some crowder peas.  I try to do chores in a way that leave the lightest footprint on the planet.    Things such as laundry, canning and baking; keeping an eye on dry days and cooler days.  And of course, by not using the clothes dryer or the air conditioner, money is saved as well. 

I planted 15 coleus in the shade garden, and the chickens are bound and determined to scratch them up.  One of these days, they will have a large lot that rambles through the woods, but in the meantime, I'll have to go after them, and rescue the tender plants I haven't caged or protected in some manner.  There's a quart of Lavender ale going flat, in preparation for a batch of 930 Pint soap.  If you caught the bee in the title, and are wondering why, there's a honeybee on the lavender in the first picture.  There are no plans for bees, when Rick can supply us with such wonderful organic honey.  Wishing you sweet days, friends!

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laura weant johnson said...

i love coleus, those are gorgeous! happy canning...