Monday, May 21, 2012

Goats Rue & Straw

Thanks to a farmer neighbor, Joseph & I put 4 round bales of straw between the garden beds this weekend.  That's a lot of straw.  One corner of the garden still needs some.  From previous experience, the garden will be a lot moister and happier.  It's already a nicer place to be, and the weeding doesn't seem so overwhelming now.  When I walked past the winterberry bush recently, I couldn't help but notice it was abuzz with pollinators of all sorts.  Click on the picture above to see happy honeybees.  A lovely thing for a gardener to see.  The wild roses have been blooming too.

We recently enjoyed this nettle soup recipe.  For the chicken stock, I used water with a bit of extra "juice' from some cooked lima beans.  I think next time, I'll try adding some carrots and play with the spices a bit, but will definitely be making it again.

Do you know this plant?  It's Goat's Rue, Tephrosia virginiana, a native plant here.  Isn't it lovely?  I'm thinking I may need to transplant some to a flower bed, but will research it a bit first.  I don't want it to end up like the purslane in the garden.... something you don't want to do friends.  It reseeds everywhere!  Oh, the lessons to be learned as a gardener.

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Jennifer said...

weeding is one of the big things that keeps me out of a garden. right now we are doing everything in pots on the porch which is ridiculous because we have quite a big lot, but it seems there is never enough time.

my sage is in bloom though right now, how wonderful to be beautiful and edible.

all your plants look amazing and that they do double duty is awesome.