Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Berry Good Walk

I love this time of year, when I can graze while I walk. The wild blackberries are ripening, so I grab a few here and there as I walk. It brings to mind sweet Hickory, who loved him some blackberries! He had been with me on many blackberry picking expeditions as a pup, and before long, figured out how to pick his own. He would find a nice ripe berry, and gingerly bite it off the vine. I'm sure he's not the only dog who has done that, but I thought it was pretty special.

There are some interesting mushrooms around. In some, I see faces. I think one looks a bit like a friendly dragon. And there are several hearts, including one which rather looks like a heart sandwich. I've done my outdoor chores, and intend to have an inside day, working on soap and papers, as the forecast is for 98. Summer is here!


JLK Jewelry said...

Our dog loves to go blackberry picking with me. When he was small he would eat them from the bottom of the vines. Now he just stays by my side and we alternate between him, the basket and me! this about the only time he'll stay right by my side!

Kiki said... cute..I love when dogs get the munchies!

cookingwithgas said...

I had a horse follow me one time and he just munched away as I was picking.
It was fun to have him along.
I have not picked any- I need to get up early and go look for some.
Mushroom- you need to take Anne' workshop!

Laurie said...

Meredith, I've already given Anne the fee for the mushroom class! I can't wait!