Sunday, May 16, 2010

Simple Sunday

Today was a simple day. Joseph & I planted Hickory King corn in the places where the first planting didn't come up. We finally got a little rain today, with more in the forecast. It's been very dry here, with "April showers" being almost nonexistent, and none in May until today. We're collecting rainwater in the cistern, which we'll filter and use for drinking water and soapmaking. I made a batch of 930 Pint today. For this batch, I used some STARworks Abbey Ale, blended with some IPA for the hoppy scent. It blended into a nice deep caramel color, though that may change before it's done drying. I hope it will stay close to that color, as it would be perfect for a men's soap. I'm thankful for a simple day.


kriips said...

Love those days! The simple ones!
Good to hear you're experimenting with beer soap again. We just started using your "Earth Goddess" and boy it is great! I can smell it on my skin for hours afterwards!

Whipowill Hill Farm said...

I was reading on Anne's page and I saw that you are a soap maker and am looking for a way to use our goat milk to make some soap. Have you ever made soap with goat's milk? I would love to partner with someone and have some made.
Thanks, Lynn
Whipowill Hill Farm

Laurie said...

Thanks Anne! The Earth Goddess is my favorite. Isn't the rain just wonderful! Lynn, I haven't made any goats milk soap, but would be open to discussing it. You can email me at