Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Night Visitors

There have been some interesting night visitors the past few weeks. I first began seeing rocks overturned at the edge of flower beds, then lots of dirt in the cats water bowl. I was pretty sure that meant a raccoon was prowling around. One night last week I turned around to face the door, and sure enough, a young raccoon was looking in at me, moved away, then snuck a peek a couple more times. It looked so cute, I couldn't help but laugh. I have had challenges with raccoons and my chickens in the past, so I will definitely be more mindful of bringing in the cat bowl soon after they're done with their evening meal. A couple of nights ago, I found a possum in the cat bowl, with one of the cats sitting nearby. I guess they don't mind sharing! I'm loving this wind chime I got at Circa Gallery. It makes the most wonderful tinkling sound, though it's awfully tough to take a picture of.


cookingwithgas said...

He must have come here after he was done at your house..... I had a visitor that made a bit of a mess out around the gardens.

Kiki said...

It's always fun to hear about adventures in nature..so cool! And yes a lovely windchime!

Anonymous said...

we had deer tracks on the edge of the garden....uh oh!

i need windchimes at the new house, thanks for reminding me!!

Susan {Florali} said...

How happy to discover your blog. I noticed you have Elizabeth Goudge on your reading list. I've read all her books that I can get my hands on. Nice to meet you. Susan