Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day

The roads are beginning to clear, but our driveway is still mostly ice. The chickens are slowly venturing out, though two of them especially, are not happy with the snow. Our tiny pond, which will eventually be enlarged, and a waterfall added, is frozen over. Famata has enjoyed hanging out near some bird feeders there, but thankfully is quite noticeable against the snow. I don't know the exact Italian translation, but Famata, in our family, meant someone who loved to eat, as in bordering on glutton. Famata cat has thankfully slimmed down a bit since her kitten days, when she was quite roly poly. Her sister, Callie, has always been very much on the lean side. I guess cats are like people in that way... constitution and all. Joseph ventured out to work this morning, leaving a bit later than usual in his truck. They're calling for the dreaded freezing rain tonight, so I may just be here again tomorrow, enjoying another snow day.


cookingwithgas said...

let's try this again- i made a post and the internet ate it.

I had two brother cats one called rover, because he liked to roam.
One called pudge because he liked to watch the food bowl.
Just tell me no rain. i need to get out!

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Don't you just love snow days? Well, in your case, freezing rain days? Give me any reason to stay home by the fire with my IV of java and some knitting or sewing - I'm good to go.

I love the views from your place. I showed my son your bird pictures and he was so excited - especially the cardinal. We don't get them here in NW Montana.

Happy Tuesday to you, my friend!


Laurie said...

Yep, snow days are the best, Camie. Hmmm, that coffee is sounding pretty good about now. Meredith, I love your cat names. I hope you can get out today. I slipped & almost fell in the driveway earlier, but hopefully the rain is washing the ice away.