Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hellebore Hopes

Darn! We were predicted to be at the edge of the Mid-Atlantic snowstorm, but it missed us after all. One consolation is the snow is off the hellebores, and one shows a good amount of new growth. We'll hope there will be some nice blooms coming forth. I can't hope for anything as lovely as Catherine's, but her garden sure is an inspiration to work towards. When I got in from work yesterday, I made my first batch of bath melts and bath bombs. The melts are unmolded, and look really pretty. The bombs will be ready to unmold in the morning, and are a bit more finicky. I'd say some trial baths are in order.


A Friend Across the Miles said...

Oh, I wish you were getting some of that beautiful snow...but your hellebore is so green and lovely, too.

Gosh, you make me want to try my hand at soap-making. That book you recommended? I checked that out from the library once. I need to do it again!


Jan said...

Luckily it just missed you;-) We are 'bathed' in it all at the moment!! Speaking of hellebores, that is one of the things I wish I could see right now...I don't know if mine were getting buds/blossoms yet or not. Hopefully they will hang on until this mess 'thaws out'! Jan