Monday, May 7, 2018

A New Bird, Blooms & Frugal Accomplishments

Hello, friends.  Things have really warmed up here, and the plants are jumping.  I mulched and watered the peas and a lettuce, kale & celery bed.  Last week, I harvested asparagus, oregano, parsley, lettuce, and some wild greens for a salad... cat brier tips, violet and dandelion leaves, and a little chickweed, which is quickly fading.  I harvested stinging nettles.  Pesto was made with some, with frozen basil added for flavor, and enjoyed with pasta for dinner.  The remaining pesto was frozen.  I also sauteed some with garlic and olive oil, which was lovely.  I shared orlaya seeds with a neighbor who stopped by, when she commented on the flowers, and cut a bouquet to enjoy in the house. 

I redeemed $20 in Walgreens rewards, plus got 20% off on Senior Day, when I was in town for work.  In another town for a dentist appointment, I stopped at a couple of thrift shops.  In one of the stores, I got a couple of pants for work for Joseph at 50% off, making them $1 each. I also got myself a pair of sneakers and shoes for the homestead, at $3 each.  I know some have an ewww reaction to buying shoes at the thrift store, but I have more of a problem paying full price for good sneakers and shoes, when they'll be used around the homestead.  I've been wearing the last pair of thrifted sneakers at least two years, and have glued them a time or two.  They're good and worn out at this point, so new ones are a treat.

I stopped at a grocery store while in that town for a dental appointment, and was happy to find a good amount of organic produce.   I purchased several items, including pears, celery and a cucumber (.89 vs something crazy like 3.00 at our usual store).  Last week, I listened to a podcast on organic farming while doing chores.  Though I think about buying organic, in terms of our health and the planet's, I was reminded what a difference it makes in farm workers lives.  Many are sickened by using and living in close proximity to the toxic chemicals that are used in conventional farming.  I realize not everyone has the extra funds to buy organic, even when sale priced, as they're barely scraping by as is.  I feel blessed that I've been able to pay off all debts, and usually have the means to pay for organic, something I feel strongly about, as well as the land to grow much of my own food.   I do look for grocery bargains, and get them as much as possible.  Eating seasonal foods is helpful in that regard.  Hopefully, we're moving towards a time when harmful agricultural chemicals are no longer used.

Windows were opened up in the cool morning hours, and closed as it began heating up.  So far, no A/C has been used, with temps reaching into the upper 80's.  After using the juice in a recipe, I zested an organic lemon and froze it.   The Meyer lemon seeds did not sprout, so I'll try again.  Yogurt and suet for the birds were made.  A large amount of rotted wood chips were delivered, as payment for a job J did for someone 6 months ago.  J is applying it in the garden for mulch, where it will break down into lovely soil.  I only know a handful of bird songs, and had recently been hearing one I'd not noticed before.  I learned it is a wood thrush.  Their numbers are declining due to loss of habitat, and cowbirds stealing their nests, so I'm especially thankful to be enjoying their lovely songs.  I was delighted to see one not far from our feeders!

We're enjoying asparagus steamed, in omelets and grilled.  Too soon, they'll be gone.  A friend asked if she could buy a dozen eggs, which is the first time I've sold any.  That was a nice thing to happen.  Besides grilling asparagus, J also cooked potatoes I'd prepared with our herbs on the grill.  The peas have started making pods.  I can hear tapping sounds under the hen that is sitting.  We're hoping for chicks tomorrow.  There are so many plants blooming and sprouting now, things are looking and feeling like spring around here.  Wishing you a week full of good things!


cookingwithgas said...

I was trying to figure out a new call the other morning, and now I think it's the same one you posted. I can tell the morning time by the bird calls I am hearing.
Life is busy, yes?!

Laurie said...

Yes, indeed! Now that we're finally done with the wood stove, spring cleaning is next! That's very cool you are also hearing the wood thrushes too. It's a lovely song, isn't it?

Michèle Hastings said...

The weather has been great! We haven't had to turn on the A/C either. Warm days, cool nights.
Your flowers are looking beautiful. I am still waiting for our big magnolia to bloom.

Jenny C said...

I'd be more eewww about underwear than shoes. 😀 Your flowers look beautiful. I'm slightly jealous we are going into winter in Australia and the only thing blooming is the final flush of roses.

Laurie said...

I haven't noticed our magnolia, Michele. I can't remember when it usually blooms.

I hear you, Jenny! I do love all seasons, but there is something so hopeful about spring.