Monday, June 6, 2016

Little Princes & Frugal Accomplishments

Last week, I applied rock dust to the raspberries, some strawberries & two figs.  Harvested a handful of raspberries every day, and the first few wild blackberries.  Transplanted some native plants that had ended up in the middle of a path after some earthwork.  J grilled on Memorial Day.  He cooked pork loin for himself & M, baked potatoes, corn on the cob & vegetable kabobs.  I made a marinade for portabella mushrooms for myself, and harvested mint for  homemade ice cream.  We also used our eggs and homemade vanilla in making the ice cream.  After a week, I tried the kombucha I was trying to revive.  It was still weak, but when I tried it again at 11 days, it tasted just right.  I'm happy that was a success.  I took a bag of last years zucchini out of the freezer and made bread with it.  Took 2 bags of french toast out of the freezer for J's breakfast.  Weeded a bit in the asparagus and beet beds.  While weeding around our largest fig, I found 2 fruits on the tree I hadn't known were there, and am hoping we'll have many more!  I'm joining in with the Frugal Accomplishments community.

I brought my water bottle while working in town.  While there, I dropped off my pressure canner lid at the cooperative extension office, for them to do a free gauge check.  Picked up a cardboard box to put in a garden path.  Used my own bags at the grocery store, saving .20. I stopped by a thrift store to look for 2 things.  I didn't find either, but got a hooded vest for .99. The eggplant I started from seed didn't do very well, so I bought some more while in town, & planted them with J.  Applied nettle tea fertilizer to some recent transplants.  Rooster #2 has been looking poorly, with his comb rather pale. When I noticed his tail feathers drooping, I separated him from the flock and he seems a bit better.  I've added some poultry boost supplement to his scratch, gave him some of the nutritious chick food, and he has been eating the greens I bring him.  He seems a bit off balance.  I've always felt fairly helpless in figuring out what to do when a chicken appears sick.  Most of the time, it's not easy to distinguish what their problem is, at least to me.  Though I've researched online, it's still not clear.  I may try a natural wormer product.

I cut a red, white & blue bouquet for Memorial Day.  Our Buff hen that was broody is no longer... hooray!   As I write this, mama hen has been sitting on eggs 12 days, & the two little chicks are growing and healthy.  I gathered red clover blossoms for drying, & chocolate mint.  I am trying a recipe I saw to make extract with it, so it is sitting and percolating on the pantry shelf.  I think many years ago I tried baking with it, which was unimpressive.  Otherwise, I've only added some of the fresh leaves to coffee grounds, which I enjoy.  I typically drink that as cold coffee in the warm months.  Made suet for the birds.  I've been enjoying reading library books, especially Little Princes.  J watched a couple of free movies on Amazon prime, but I didn't care for either, so read instead.

We were able to use some bricks, broken cinder blocks & rocks that were already here for a project, keeping us from having to buy anything and cleaning up too.  I finished stripping the paint off the final porch post.  J put it in place the next day.  Oh happy day!  I do have some furniture pieces I want to strip, now that I've gotten my feet wet, but I'm going to take a break first.  I fertilized all the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, potatoes & onions with a new to us product.  If it works well, I'll share more about it.  I harvested nettles for drying.  Much of it has gone to flower, so I had to search for some younger plants to harvest.  Some of our winter greens from last year volunteered in the onion patch, so I harvested those while weeding for the chickens.

I made a kale salad to bring to our friends house for dinner.  I brought an order of soap there, & traded the soap plus a few dollars for a pottery bowl.  I really love using handmade items for my food and beverages, and had recently broken my favorite bowl.  J & I  replanted cucumbers, summer squash & lima beans where they didn't come up, or died.  I transplanted seedlings of dill and carrot to the garden, and transplanted Long keeper tomatoes, asters & sweet marjoram into larger pots.  Shortly before heading to Denver, I won a giveaway on Lesley's blog, and a package filled with her paper lovelies awaited me when I returned home.  Do check her site out if you have a moment.  I finished sewing my quilt binding.  All that's left is to remove all the threads.  I'm hoping to finish that this month, and will share the quilt once I do.


Precious People Preschool said...

Hi Laurie.
love your blog, came over from The Prudent Homemaker. Have you tried "Back Yard Chickens" they are pretty good about helping new people and old even old pros you might be able to post a picture. I hope he looks better soon.

Laurie said...

Patti, I believe Back Yard Chickens was one of the sites that come up in my search, though I did not ask any questions there. He is looking a little perkier the past couple of days, so I'm hoping he continues to improve. I appreciate you stopping by & commenting.