Monday, May 11, 2015

Early May Frugal Accomplishments

This toad paid us a visit on the porch.  I love how his eyes look like they're rimmed with gold eye liner.  I'm joining in with Brandy's Frugal Accomplishments.  I boiled eggs for salad and poured the water on plants.  Harvested lambs quarters, blanched and froze enough for 2 meals, with some left over.  Added asparagus ends and lambs quarter stems to my broth bag in the freezer.  Harvested broccoli from the garden. I started tomatillos and spilanthes from seed, planted all my recent plant purchases, including 3 different lavenders & a chamomile plant.

Noticed a great price on Glide dental floss at Walgreens, which also gave a $1 reward, to use on another purchase.  I went back with the reward, and picked up another floss, along with another item I needed.  Got an ebates check for purchases I was going to buy anyway.

At the discount grocery store, I purchased about 20 lbs. of sunflower seeds for $6, some cans of organic tomato products, pasta, a Lundberg quinoa & brown rice side dish, several organic soups for .50 ea. (I like to start with these when I don't have much interesting vegi's to put in a pot of vegetable soup), Carr water crackers to have with cheese for .50 (doesn't expire for another month or two).

Washed laundry with homemade soap and hung on the line.  We have not run the A/C, opening windows when it's cool, and closing up the house during the day.  I did run the fan some in the afternoons.

SO & I got some of the garden planted.  We planted 40 of the tomatoes I grew from seed (several varieties), & he planted cucumber and summer squash seeds, and moved some volunteer lettuce & dill seedlings.  I went to a plant sale with a friend, & purchased several medicinal plants, as well as another male kiwi.  I purchased kiwis 5 years ago, both male and female.  One male died, and the other has never bloomed, though at least one female has bloomed for a couple of years.  I was told they should have been bearing fruit by now, so I hedged my bets by buying another male.  I'm hoping the new male will do better than the original, and we will have kiwis next year.

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April said...

Here's to fertile kiwi trees! :)