Monday, May 25, 2015

Late May Frugal Accomplishments

A little later than usual, but I'm joining in with this week's Frugal Accomplishments.  I harvested broccoli, lambs quarter, and chard.  All our Barred Rock hens started laying this week, so we're getting 3 little eggs from them daily, in addition to any the older hens lay.  Made deviled eggs, and pasta using our canned tomatoes, frozen tromboncino squash, garlic, fresh basil and rosemary.  I harvested the first raspberries of the year today.  Made yogurt, kefir and kombucha.

I used a 50% off coupon code that J got in an email to purchase several olive trees, and two goji berry bushes.  Used a .15 gas rewards on a fill up.  I had not been using my gas rewards, as they're usually only .05, but the .15 reward inspired me to request a card so I could do this.  I had only kept my keychain card to use in store, so now I will be able to also use my gas rewards.  Purchasing our friends groceries on it helps to increase the reward.  He pays me the first of the month, & then I buy his groceries when I'm shopping, so that works out well.

Harvested nettles, and started a batch of tincture.  Made a smoothie using nettles and fruits in the freezer- our raspberries & pawpaws, and bananas, & homemade yogurt.  I began working on the quilt squares I bought in Floyd, with the help of my Dad's wife.  I sewed on all the missing muslin edge pieces, while Lois trimmed and squared the blocks.  We have a fabric trip planned for this week, and are looking for a coupon to use at the fabric store.  I've made my Swagbucks goal most days, and have gone through either ebates or Swagbucks for any online purchases, for the points given towards cash.  J grilled okra from the freezer.

First tomatoes!  I spied 4 on this plant today.
Except for a dinner at my brothers house on Saturday, our Memorial Day weekend was not a relaxing one, but we were able to cross several things off our list, and don't feel so overwhelmed now.  J hung two birdhouses for me, including one of my Mom's. With the help of our friend, M, this morning the three of us got the garden paths and around the plants covered with leaves.  M had raked leaves into piles this past week, & today J & M drug them to the garden on a tarp, and I spread them.  We started in the cool of the morning, and were done shortly after 10.  Then while I was working on indoor projects, J & M went to Lowe's and got materials for a carport for my car.  When they got home, they proceeded to put it up.  All that is left is the tin for the roof, and a little piece of picket fence that I can plant alongside.  This spot is a little closer to the house, which is nice, and there will be shelter when there's rain, ice or snow.  Though the homestead is definitely a work in progress, that's one step closer to what I envision here.  I hope your holiday was a good one.


Michèle Hastings said...

sounds like Memorial Day was more like Labor Day for quite a few of us!

Laurie said...

I think you're right, Michele. Your kitchen is looking wonderful!