Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Not Quite Frugal Accomplishments

So, this is when I'll be sharing some of my recent less than frugal ways.  First is a new to me Kia Soul.  I really like the idea of my soul in a body in a Soul :o) (as I don't watch TV, my sister had to inform me about the chipmunks  :o).  Vehicles are not my area of expertise, but J assured me it was a smart purchase, and I did not go in debt to purchase it.  That's it peeking from behind the bird feeder. It suits me.

Onto the second thing.  We enjoy wine and beer, though I do attempt to buy what's on sale or a good value.  I usually purchase local beer for myself, and sometimes find very nice wines at Aldi's.  I like good organic coffee, too, also on sale if possible.  As a member of a natural food co-op, I get a 5% discount (10% a few times a year), as well as members specials.  The challenge is I now live an hour away, so I generally only shop there when I am already there for another reason.  I shopped there quite a bit last year, as it was only a mile or so from many of my Mom's appointments.  When I go, I shop the specials, bulk bins, and organic produce, which is more extensive than the local offerings.

I recently bought linen bath towels.  I don't know about you, but I have favorites- from what I choose to drink water, tea, or coffee in (each a different vessel),  an antique soup spoon or fork, to a pretty plate.  These things I use most every day typically have some handmade element to them, or some history.  It makes me happy to use them.  Though it wasn't handmade, and I really don't know about it's history, my favorite towel was a well made, floral towel I purchased second hand.  When it was available, that was the towel I grabbed for the past 10 years or so.  You can probably imagine it was getting a bit tired.  The linen towels I purchased have been on my wish list.  I gifted them to myself, while supporting a small artisan business, and figure I will enjoy them for the next ten years.

For a number of years, Dearfoam booties were my winter slippers. They were warm and comfortable on wood floors.  In good shape through the first winter, I usually stretched them through a second winter, though the cushioned part would be getting pretty thin, and not as warm or comfortable at that point.  I decided to try felted natural wool slippers.  No, they're not very frugal, but I'm expecting them to hold up for quite some time.  In the end, they may be a better deal than buying cheaper, cheaply made slippers, and I know I'm supporting another handmade, small business.

I've mentioned mending cashmere sweaters.  I've bought them over the years, but always second hand, ranging from $2.50 to 5.00 each.  I wear them away from home as long as possible, even with mended areas if not very noticeable.  When they get to a certain point, they become homestead wear, and I mend them until they basically fall apart.  They are my standard daily wear during the winter months, often with a vest.  Warm, soft and cozy, I think they're a simple pleasure.  Though I consider the sweaters a frugal pleasure, I must admit my cashmere and alpaca winter socks are not.  I do try to find the best deals on cashmere socks, which are typically a blend, and I've gotten several pairs as gifts.  I love them because they're thin but warm.  I buy the alpaca socks from a lovely local woman who raises alpacas, and I'm happy to support her farm.  These socks are amazing... perfectly thick and the warmest socks I've ever owned.  Life's too short to go through it with cold feet, I think!

Well, I'm thinking that's probably enough sharing of my not always frugal ways.  Not many months ago, these purchases would not have even been  a consideration, but due to life's circumstances, I am blessed at this point in my life to be debt free.  I am mindful of the purchases I do make, and endeavor to bring things into my life that are both beautiful and useful, and that support good.  That's it in a nutshell.

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Michèle Hastings said...

These purchases may not be as frugal as others you make, but they were mindful purchases that will serve you well.
I have a weak spot for good socks too. My favorites are smartwool brand and I have a couple pair of cashmere as well. I find a good pair of socks will last a few years and that is how I justify the additional cost.