Monday, March 16, 2015

Heritage Wheat, Bluebirds and Frugal Accomplishments

It's time again to join in with Frugal Accomplishments.  If you're looking for encouragement on living frugally, you may want to check out The Prudent Homemaker's website.  In addition to the weekly Frugal Accomplishments posts, there are sections on gardening, cooking, shopping for less, home schooling, sewing and more.  There's a great community of people who share there, and a wonderful amount of information on the website.

I baked a quiche with our peppers and garlic.  Made a pasta dish using eggplant I canned, and our garlic and herbs.  Steamed asparagus I had frozen last year, then we had the leftovers in an omelet.  Hopefully, there will soon be fresh asparagus coming up.  There were still some cranberries in the crisper.  The few moldy ones went into the compost, the chickens got the soft ones, and I cut up the good ones for the pups.  The chickens always love them, but I was surprised the pups ate all theirs up too.  Not the original intended purpose, but not wasted either.  Another night, the pups got a grated gnarly carrot from the garden.

I ground wheat and corn, and made kefir and yogurt.  We bought a 50# bag of Red Fife wheat, a variety of heritage wheat which has a lower gluten content than most modern wheat, making it easier to digest. We were lucky to be able to taste baked goods made with this wheat, thanks to a baker in Chapel Hill.  It was our favorite of the heritage wheat we tasted, with a wonderful, nutty flavor.  I dry canned most of the wheat, and saved around 10# for a patch we hope to plant here.

 I baked 2 types of cookies, and brownies, and brought two plates to the car dealership for the fellows who assisted me when my car wouldn't start last week.  I used our eggs, and whole wheat flour I ground for a portion of the flour.  We've had some warm days and nights , when no heat was needed, and windows were opened to let in fresh air.  I cashed in Swagbuck points a for a Whole Foods card.  Among other things, I bought 3 lbs of organic butter, as it's the cheapest I've found in months, at $4.79/lb.  I used up lots of butter baking the thank you goodies.  Unfortunately, I did not print out the code Whole Foods needed, so I'll have to use my gift card another time.

I planted a variety of lettuce seeds in our hoop house, and 3 parsley plants.  J planted broccoli and cabbage plants I had purchased.  Some years we do better growing things from seeds, some years not.  We immediately put row cover over the cabbage and broccoli, as cabbage worms have been a real problem here the past few years.  Hoping that will do the trick.  The tomato seedlings continue to grow, but so far, I've not seen an eggplant or pepper germinate.  Our seed potatoes arrived, but the ground is very wet, so they'll have to wait until it dries out a bit.

papa bluebird
mama bluebird
On Sunday, I noticed bluebirds at the house in the backyard.  At first, I thought they were setting up house, but watching them convinced me there are babies in there.  It's the perfect spot for me to watch as I sit at the computer.  I made up another batch of suet to entice them to stick around. Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day.


cookingwithgas said...

Babies already. I'll be checking ours.

Bill said...

We're trying to use up last year's frozen asparagus too(it makes a delicious soup). This years spears should start arriving in the next week or so!!

Laurie said...

I think so, Meredith. The way dad was standing on the outside & sticking his head in several times before flying off made me think he was feeding them.

Bill- asparagus soup, yes! Carla Emery's has been a favorite for years.