Monday, December 15, 2014

My New Favorites~ Seagrove Pottery

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season, in whatever way suits you.  I didn't intend to stay away, but I haven't had any extraordinary frugal accomplishments these recent weeks.  I'm still doing all the usual things, just nothing terribly exciting to share.  I did, however, want to share a couple of treasures I found for myself at the recent Celebration.  I'd been wanting a sponge holder, and when I saw this one of Michele's, I knew it would be the perfect one for my countertop.  Michele & her husband Jeff are both Seagrove potters.  Here's their website, which has links to both of their shops at the top of the page.  Once my workshop is built, I'd love to have one of Jeff's sinks in the bathroom.

I'm loving this mug by Matthew Kelly.  It called to me, and while purchasing it, he told me his wife claimed it for her own if it didn't sell.  The Celebration had just begun when I spied it.  It never had a chance of making it back home.  Here's his fb page.  I don't believe he has an online shop at this time.

We've just a few remaining shortening days before they begin to lengthen again.  The winter season is almost upon us, and we've begun hearing about the possibility of winter weather here.  I wouldn't mind if it held off until the first of the year, but then bring on the snow!


April said...

Love the sponge holder! (And really love the sponge!!)

I enjoy your writing and your photos regardless of whether you have a frugal accomplishment!

Laurie said...

April, I decided a couple of years ago that it was worth a few more cents to use sponges that make me smile. Anything to make housework more friendly, you know? The great thing is I've been finding these (& stocking up) at Big Lots, a discount store. Glad you stopped by!