Monday, December 1, 2014

Late November Frugal Accomplishments

I froze trimmings of carrot and butternut squash for broth, ground wheat flour, and harvested carrots. Made a pasta dish using broccoli, onion, garlic and basil (frozen) grown here, with some vegi broth I canned.  Emptied water glasses into the teapot that "lives" on the woodstove to add moisture, dried laundry on the line. Baked some of our sweet potatoes. which we ate two nights.

Gathered a fall bouquet of magnolia leaves, winterberry, pinecones on a branch, rosemary, branches of colorful leaves, a branch of hazelnut catkins, and nandina.

I brought a butternut squash dish, an apple pie, and sesame cookies to Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house.  The pie and cookies were made with a mix of unbleached white and the wheat flour I ground.  The squash was grown here.

McNibs napping
Made a batch of white bean dip from Bean by Bean.  I began reading this book during slow times at the Celebration last weekend, and I had quite a few pages marked after only reading a portion.  I decided to purchase my own copy, and found a very inexpensive used copy online.

I've seen a blue heron around the pond lately.  I can never seem to manage a good photo, taking it inside the house and through a screen.  With all the losses this year, I don't feel I have a lot to say these days.  These Monday posts are something I feel I can manage.  I hope to have more to say at some point, but for now, this helps me feel I'm still connected here.  Joining in with this week's Frugal Accomplishments on The Prudent Homemaker.

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Michèle Hastings said...

Take your time. Grief has no timetable. In the meantime I enjoy reading your frugal accomplishments. You have inspired me to go out and cut a fall bouquet. We have quite a few interesting plants and foliage around the house and studio... and I am quite sure I can find a vase ;-)