Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Peachy

Little by little, the peaches are being eaten.  I haven't done anything major with them.  We've had a few fruit salads, which have included our peaches, the first pawpaws of the year, and whatever else was available... blueberries, pear, etc.  This afternoon, I have some peaches soaking in Fair Game Beverage Co.'s Ferris, and look forward to having them for dessert tonight.  I'm also looking forward to trying some grilled peaches, something I've never tried.  I've seen and saved several recipes that sound promising.

The dear souls at Hospice gifted me with this lovely stained glass piece, by Amy Keith Barney, when I returned after my Mom's passing.  Isn't it lovely?  The little metal chickadee above it is one I bought at Brightside Gallery for my Mom this past spring. She often called me her "little chickadee".  It makes me happy to see these together.  

Joseph spied a male Eastern box turtle on the path to the tractor shed, so of course I had to grab my camera.  I'm happy to see him here, as their numbers are dwindling.  I love his coloration.

The sunflower patch is looking good.  I love to see their cheery faces when I pass by.  Our hopes are that the birds and other critters will leave enough seed for us to save for winter bird feeding, and some for us too. I've been doing a bit of canning. Yesterday, I dry canned 50 lbs of grits, and 45 lbs of oats.  Today I canned quarts and pints of tomatoes.   I hope you're enjoying these late summer days.


Michèle Hastings said...

The stain glass beautiful and along with the chickadee will be a lovely reminder of your mother.

I am envious of your gardens and canning abilities! The only things we have growing this year are a few greens and basil.

Laurie said...

The gardens have been built up over the years, Michele. I've been here 18 years now. Canning is like anything else... it gets easier with time. Come by sometime while I'm canning, if you'd like. Greens and basil are good to have!