Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Summer's Harvest

Peaches and pears have been showing up in odd places around the homestead, often half eaten.  Though the squirrels have been giving us a run for the money, we've managed to save some of the peaches.  We had to pick them before good and ripe, or none would have been left.  But, they're ripening nicely on the counter.  Now, what to do with them, that's the question.

Recent rains have sprouted all sorts of mushrooms.

I was recently cleaning up the brown leaves in the houseplants on their long outdoor bench, and realized there was a little nest with eggs in it.  There are bird feeders nearby, so I had not noticed the little bird that flew off.  A few minutes later, I slowly snuck up on the nest to snap a picture, and mama bird had not returned.  I've looked from a distance since, and she is sitting on the nest.  The eggs look like they may be chickadees.

I've canned up Blueberry-Lime jam from Ball's Blue Book.  I got a great deal on a bag of limes, so this seemed a good recipe to try.  The limes were not organic, so I did not use the zest, but the jam is good!

There are Black Swallowtail caterpillars on the dill in the garden.

When my hands are purple, you know it's likely elderberry harvesting season.  I've got a quart of the lovely tincture brewing.  Our oldest variety of apple has been harvested, though it's name escapes me at the moment.  It seems it originated around the 1200's from the Romans, but that might be incorrect.  Approximately 15 of the homely but tasty apples were picked.  Lamb's quarter continues to be harvested for freezing.  Shiso is next on the list, for drying.  It's a great herb to give to the pups when they've eaten something that's a bit rough on their digestive tract.  With all the woods here, and hunting season not too far off, it comes in handy.  Tomatoes, squash, okra and cucumbers are producing nicely.  That's recent life on the homestead.  Be well, friends.


cookingwithgas said...

Freeze, eat or jam those peaches. Pie or a lovely dessert. It's good to feel your warmth.

Stephanie said...

The nest is adorable! I have noticed quite a few interesting mushrooms since the rains, too. Take care! Peace, Stephanie

Laurie said...

Still trying to figure out what to do with the peaches, M.

Stephanie, something got the nest last night :o( ... guess it was too close to the ground.

Stephanie said...

Oh, too bad about the nest...I suggest freeze your peaches, then you can decide later!!