Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Wishes

Things are a little behind with my spring homemaking chores, but progress is being made. This morning, I got all my summer and winter clothes swapped out.

This afternoon, I tackled our summer and winter linens.  These are a little more time-consuming than the clothes.  Because I love old linens, and pick odd pieces up whenever I run across them, there is always a bit of matching up to do.  New pieces to add to the mix, and each year, there are inevitably some linens that become so threadbare they tear, which don't make it to the next year.  So, it's fun to find some good, new combinations.  Some years ago, I read of a trick to put the sheets and all but one pillowcase (we use 4) into the remaining pillowcase, to keep a set together, so that's how I do it.  It makes it simple to have it all together, when it's time to change them.   I usually keep three sets in my linen closet.  Now, all the extra sets are boxed up and put away too.

This weekend, I plan to move all the houseplants to their summer spot outdoors.  Then, as I can, I'll begin on spring cleaning.  The garden is coming along.  Cucumbers and sweet corn are up.  Tomatoes, potatoes and lots more are putting on growth.  I'm looking forward to summer meals from the garden.  I'm sending warm thoughts that all of the Mother's, nurturers and caregivers of all sorts, have the loveliest of Mother's Days!

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