Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sweet Pups and Snow

We did indeed have a good snow, as well as a bit of ice.  This is the view looking out from our driveway.

The birds have kept me busy making suet and filling feeders.

The pups have had to step gingerly, though today the melting began.

Along with the red roses my Valentine gifted me, we have lantana that we overwintered indoors blooming.

 I did a small amount of mending and sewing.  I've canned vegetable broth and beans I had dried from our garden.  I do sometimes cook them up dried, but it sure is nice to have them ready to use at those times I haven't planned ahead.  There has also been progress  made on the dreaded taxes, which I hope to soon have ready to go, so I can get on to more pleasurable endeavors.


cookingwithgas said...

Pretty, but I'm ready for it to leave.

Laurie said...

It IS messy around here. I haven't ventured out in days... maybe today.