Monday, August 6, 2012

The Bohemoth in the Driveway & Catching Rain

One of New Earth's jobs at present is refurbishing this biodiesel demonstration unit for Polk County Schools.  The large, colorful trailer is pretty impressive.  I'd show you the other side, but they've dismantled it and it is quite empty at the moment.

We've been getting some serious rain this evening, and while it was still light out, we could see the pond visibly rising from our front door. Yippee! 

While at the hardware store yesterday, J picked up parts to make our rainwater catchment system automatic.  For all the years I've lived here, someone had to go out and open the cistern once enough rain had fallen to clean the roof, and begin collecting rainwater.  And then it had to be closed back up, once the rain had finished.  On the days no one was here on the homestead, no rain was collected.  Our new system is based on this design, which is a fairly standard one.  It's working perfectly!


Stephanie said...

Very cool to be doing something to help educate the youth! The rainwater collection sounds awesome. We're doing well if we get our gutters cleared once or twice a year, just so the downspouts work!!

Mrs. Mac said...

What type of plant is shown with beautiful purple buds/berries? I'm off to check out your rain collection set up :)