Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Multitude of Mushrooms

The recent rains combined with the heat have brought forth a multitude of mushrooms.  I notice many of them are being nibbled by our local wildlife.

Our seasonal creek is usually dry this time of year.  It's lovely to hear it gurgling through the rocks on our evening walks.  I wanted to share another pasta sauce from the garden I regularly make.  It's a combination a friend suggested when I was looking for good recipes for summer squash.  I  use tromboncino squash, but zucchini would work just as well.  The amounts are suggestions, rather than exact measurements.

Summer Squash Pasta Sauce

1/2 medium yellow onion, diced
4-6 small to medium tromboncino or zucchini squash, cut in 1/2 inch rounds
3-4 smallish tomatoes
olive oil
3-4 sprigs rosemary, leaf removed from stems
handful fresh basil, chopped
pasta 12 oz (increase the amounts a bit if cooking a lb of pasta)

Saute onion in olive oil.  Put pot of water on for pasta. When onion softens, add squash and a pinch or two of salt.  Cook several minutes and add tomatoes.  When squash begins to soften, add rosemary and basil.  Cook another 5 minutes, and serve over pasta, with freshly grated Romano cheese. 


cookingwithgas said...

we are having eggplant tonight!
all this rain - i feel as if I need gills.

Linda Starr said...

Last year we got a similar bloom of mushrooms in our yard, not this year however.

Laurie said...

I guess great minds think alike, Linda! You caught some very cool ones!