Thursday, December 22, 2011

Inspiration and Light

What a wonderful time of year!  Decorating with lights and fresh greenery, a time of giving, and getting together with loved ones.  This has been the first year that the majority of my gifts have been handmade.  I've had the desire, and with spending most of my time at home these days, it seemed like the perfect time to make it happen.  What worked well for me was to begin thinking about it in the spring and summer.  Whenever I came across something I liked, and had the skills and resources to create, I would save it.  If it was in a magazine, I kept the page, and also created a "Gift" document to save all the online inspiration. There is always so much swirling around my brain, I need prompts to remember. 

For the bookmarks, there was online inspiration, but no tutorial followed.  I basically sandwiched colorful fabric in between some linen, and cut either a heart or banner in the top piece of fabric, and stitched them together.  Pretty easy.  There were pinking shear challenges, so they're not exactly what I envisioned, but perfectly serviceable, nonetheless. 

The needle book and pincushion were finished yesterday.  The button I picked for the pincushion seems to have the same marble effect as the fabric and paper.  I had cut out a felt flower to apply to the needlebook, but after stitching the lace, I decided to leave it just as it was.    With the Winter Solstice arriving last night, daylight begins to lengthen once again.  Here's to the return of the light!


cookingwithgas said...

those look great and fun!
How wonderful to give from the heart!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful gifts. I LOVE the found just the right one!! :) Happy Solstice!! Peace, Stephanie

meredith said...

i love those bookmarks so much, laurie. i think it is so smart to start making here and there in the spring and summer with an eye toward the holidays. i keep starting my holiday making earlier and earlier, but i still never seem to have enough hours in the day!