Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Few Happy Things

I'm enjoying being mindful of what I can find blooming at this time of year.  On the way to the mailbox this morning, I spied this dandelion.  A little while later, I saw a honeybee on another, which made me happy.

These two were awaiting my return from the mailbox, which was another happy sight.  They were good boys, and heeded my "stay" command, to keep them away from the road.  They don't often sit so still, or together, so this made me smile.

Here's a new tune that's making me happy.  Hope you enjoy it too!


Stephanie said...

NC winters are generally pretty mild...I have noticed some dandelions, and my pansies are blooming like crazy! Probably a good day today to go outside and do some gardening! :) Peace, Stephanie

cookingwithgas said...

the boys are doing great! and I love those flowers in fall/winter!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your boys are getting big! Any spot of color this time of year is something to be happy about.