Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wildflowers and Planet Earth Applique

On Friday, I drove J to the airport to visit his daughter.  I've watched movies he didn't care to see, did a long meditation, and a bit of stitchery.  It also meant I could do whatever I wished with my birth day.  Early, there were cards savored over a cup of tea, on the porch.  And a walk with the dogs, while I gathered grasses for the chickens and cut wild flowers for a bouquet.  I had intended to add some garden flowers, possibly some hyssop, zinnias, sunflowers, or purple butterfly bush, but I was so pleased with the wild bouquet, I left it as is.  I should tell you the birds have spread beautyberry across this land, as well as mulberry, so these were from a bird-planted bush.  Then there were baked pancakes, shared with the pups.  A bit later, I'll be heading to a family dinner at my Mom's.

Above is my latest embroidery project, and my first attempt at applique.  While it's far from exact, I believe it's recognizable.  After picking up my fabric from Wendy the other day,  I decided I'd like to work on the jewelry cinch bag today.  It just felt right to do something for someone else this birthday.  But, after looking at the instructions yesterday, I realized I needed batting, an eyelet kit and a rotary cutter.  I expect I could do without the rotaty cutter, but I was informed just last week that I would need one for another project I've got in mind.  So, the best laid plans...  They're closed Sundays, but I expect to be at Hobby Lobby tomorrow gathering what I need, and hope to be showing you the results before long.  I wish you a happy, relaxing Labor Day!


cookingwithgas said...

Happy Birt day- We enjoyed our wine with you and there are bennies to some only me time.....enjoy!

cookingwithgas said...

well that would be BIRTH day! HAHA

Anne Raven Jorgensen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Your soaps are getting smelled and admired at the store

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good day. The flowers are so lovely. I didn't know Hobby Lobby would be open today...Peace and Love. Stephanie