Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Diverse Duo

Sounds of clanging and banging and compressors running are emanating from the fab shop lately.  They've got several diverse jobs going at the moment.  A pump/filter cart, seedpress wrenches, a large sorghum pan, a gooseneck trailer hitch, a methoxide mixer for Piedmont Biofuels and more.  It's a wonderful sound!  They are a flexible and talented duo.  
The kale has been more abundant than ever this year, which is allowing me to try some new recipes.  J & I both really liked the flavor combination of this one, though J said it took a lot of work to eat, and I have to agree.  If it's good, I don't mind.  As with artichokes or corn on the cob. Some things are worth it.  No amounts were given for this recipe, so adjust quantities, depending on the flavors you like best.

Kale and Lemon Bruschetta with Ricotta and Fried Egg

chopped kale- several good handfuls (I'm guessing approx 4 cups raw)
crushed garlic- 3 large cloves
extra virgin olive oil
fresh lemon juice- approx 1 1/2 lemons
salt and pepper
ricotta- approx 6-8 ounces
4 eggs
toasted sourdough or other rustic bread

Saute kale with garlic in olive oil: add a little water and cook until tender.  Season with lemon, salt and pepper.  Spread toasted bread with ricotta cheese.  Top with kale and a fried or poached egg.  Serves 2.
Wishing you a most excellent Memorial Day weekend!

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Mrs. Mac said...

You have been busy around your homestead. Can't wait to see a picture of the finished pond (plants and all:) Thanks for sharing the recipes .. this year I planted Russian kale .. and hope to incorporate it into many meals. Our garden is just starting to take off; the only things ready to eat are rhubarb, a few asparagus from a 2 year old bed and overwintered herbs and chard. Enjoy the weekend.