Friday, February 11, 2011

New Chick in Town

My new thrifted jar has a fresh batch of laundry detergent in it. Looking back, I realized the first batch I made lasted over 10 months. I'm sorry to say I lost track of the price of the pH Up, otherwise I could tell you the cost. I'll see if I can get a current price for it (this week, I used up what I bought last year), and report back. The recipe is here. The borax is plain old Mule Team borax, found on most grocery shelves. The washing soda can be tough to find these days, so I used a pool product called pH Up, which is Sodium Carbonate, the exact same thing.

I had so much fun yesterday, painting this chicken and doing a few final touches on a new pig. When J got in last night, he spray painted the grill part of the chicken tail gold, which looks great. I think we're a good team.

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JLK Jewelry said...

I use pH down as my pickle in jewelry making! Amazing how much less things are when you find the same product but used for a specialty!!

Chicken looks good. Yeah team.