Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun With Paper

While I was visiting with Meredith last week, she showed me all sorts of paper craftiness she's been making, and shared a template with me. I got out seed catalogs, and some other catalogs, and made these little pocket envelopes, and a few little cards for notes. It was fun to wrap a handmade gift I delivered yesterday, with a little note and envelope. Fun, and a great way to recycle. What could be better? I've been working on a little Valentines-inspired project I'll share soon.


cookingwithgas said...

those are great! It has been great fun doing the paper.
I am sure it is OCD with me but I am having a hard time stopping!

kriips said...

These are awesome! Great idea!

Alessandra said...

Cool, I love paper craft, recycling paper :-).

Nice blog full of ideas, I'll be back :-)