Friday, January 7, 2011

Playing with Sharp Objects

It seems I've spent a fair amount of time with needles lately. Not the nursing type, but the stitchery type. I've worked on the long-neglected cross-stitch in the picture. I've mended some things, namely cashmere sweaters, which are my go-to winter attire, all thrifted of course. I've learned to use the darning feature on the sewing machine, to repair some massage sheets. I'd always been under the assumption that darning was only done by hand. Who knew?! And I've been brainstorming some new shop ideas, which will involve a bit of stitching craftiness. I hope you've been having fun, friends, with whatever you've been up to, in this bright new year.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Cross-stitch needles sound like so much more fun than nursing
I can't sew worth anything but I do have a couple of sewing projects on my goal list for this year, at least I'll try! :D
I do have a knitting and a painting project started however..
Your needlework is beautiful :)