Monday, May 4, 2009

Rhubarb & Rain

Today has been another garden day. We planted several types of flower seed that we'll be able to see from the front of the house, should they germinate & survive. We got the tomato cages set up, planted corn & rhubarb. Neither of us has yet tasted rhubarb, but heck, if all else fails, they say you can make wine with it. Our stinging nettles arrived, & we carefully got those in the ground. They're an incredible plant that has a multitude of uses. I flagged them well so we won't forget & accidentally run into them. We're hoping the forecasters are right, & we'll get rain for all our little plants this evening. My cousin Laura & her family came for a visit yesterday. We got to meet her newest addition, Isabella, who is an amazingly good baby. And a cutie too. Why is it I forget about the camera when a perfect opportunity presents itself?

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