Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Loved Ones

Tonight I listed my Rose soap on Etsy, which is named in honor of my maternal grandmother, Rose Gelo aka Mama Rosie. My friend Teresa's husband, David Reavis, took an old photo I had of her & digitized it so I could use it on my soap site. It's a pretty special soap for me. I'm still working on a soap to honor my paternal grandmother. She loved geraniums & made wonderful Irish soda bread with caraway seeds, so I'd like to use those oils in it. One of these days, the other ingredients will come to me. Everyone enjoyed the Mother's Day picnic. That's Joseph in the picture. We got to meet my niece's in-laws to be, who fit right in with the rest of the family. I got to spend today on the homestead, catching up on a number of little chores, plus laundry & mowing. It always does my heart good to have a good "home" day.

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