Sunday, April 22, 2018

Flowers, a Fair & Frugal Accomplishments

Hello, friends.  Last week, I added some additions to the leftover crowder peas... carrots, onions, corn and red pepper to make a version of succotash.  I also added a splash of herb vinegar.  It was very good.  I made a berry vinaigrette using homemade berry syrup.  I took advantage of a 20% off sale to stock up on oral care products and to try a body care product.  There are now eggplant and sweet pepper seedlings up, in addition to several varieties of tomatoes.  Putting them in a protected outdoor space during the day has helped them become sturdier plants.  This is the metal pot from the rummage sale.  Isn't it a beaut?

Laundry was done with homemade soap, and hung on the line.  For a lunch and a breakfast, smoothies were enjoyed which included homemade yogurt and our mulberries.  In between two days in the 60's, we had an 81 degree day.  I decided to make a seven layer dip for dinner, which included some of the recanned jars of olives.  Lilac plants, running cedar and a clump of daffodil bulbs were gifted to me by a friend.  J & I got those planted.  It's become a tradition for a friend and I to go to the annual Herb Society plant sale, which happened last week.  I came home with less than in years past, but still had a large basket full to plant, including spilanthes, lady's mantle, bleeding heart, a bright pink salvia, gotu kola, valerian, and a lemon verbena to replace the one that got weed whacked last year.

velvet ribbon & pillowcases from rummage sale
While I was at the plant sale, J purchased a pickup truck full of wood mulch, and got it spread.  We've since heard of a place to get a dump truck full for a great price, and have plans to do that.  You can never have enough mulch, though we may need a troop of young men to help us spread it :o).  A couple of weeks ago, I began noticing one of the Ameraucana hens becoming broody, which was a nice surprise.  After watching her several days, and gingerly putting new eggs under her chest... she's pretty fierce...we decided to try her in the broody area.  So, on Monday, while J held her, I transferred 11 eggs to the broody nest, and she has been sitting on them since.  If all goes well, we'll be hearing little cheeps in a couple of weeks.

Our granddaughter spent the night with us this weekend, before we went to a nearby children's fair.  There were troops of children's dances from all over the world... so cute in their elaborate costumes.  In addition to face painting and a man making balloon animals, there were tables of crafts for the kids.  She was able to decorate a tote bag, a foam butterfly and a visor, and make a shaker and a crepe paper flower.  I introduced her to mango and smoothies, and she learned she likes both.   She collected eggs, and helped harvest parsley and oregano for dinner.  The sweet bouquet above was created by her.  Wishing you a most beautiful week!

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Beckyathome said...

It sounds like you had a blast at the children's fair. Your granddaughter is lovely:)